This past weekend saw the release of the most recent edition of Whotopia – Issue 32.

You can visit the Whotopia website to either download a free PDF version of the issue, or if you’d prefer, pick up a physical print copy by clicking on the purchase link also found on the website.

This issue is dedicated to the worlds of Doctor Who in print.



Canadian Who fans will be able to see the “director’s cut” of Genesis of the Daleks in select Cineplex cinemas on the June 14th.

The Fourth Doctor and his companions Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) are transported thousands of years into the past to the ancient planet Skaro where they are given a mission from the Time Lords to prevent the evil scientist Davros from introducing to the universe the most destructive race of killing machines ever created, the Daleks. This never-before-seen 90-minute director’s cut will be followed by a first look at “In Conversation with Tom Baker” – a newly recorded interview with the Fourth Doctor himself!

For full details on where the story can be seen see the Cineplex website.





This issue includes…

  • Editorial: The Power of Books – Doctor Who’s lasting legacy.
  • Douglas Adams does Doctor Who: Adams’ stories come to life as novelisations, Jessica Chaleff shares her thoughts.
  • Interview with Author Nick Mellish: Bob Furnell speaks with Whotopia’s longest-running columnist, and his plans for the ‘Target Trawl’ book.
  • Who You Build: the latest instalment in Dave Etches’ epic model-making effort.
  • Master Who 5 – Prints of Darkness: Dan Tessier explores the Master as depicted in print.
  • Review – The Doctor Falls: Jon Arnold reviews the Series Ten finale.
  • Review x2 – Twice Upon a Time: Matthew Kresal and James P Quick take turns to steer us through Peter Capaldi’s festive farewell.
  • Wholife – Cooking in the TARDIS: Grant Bull raises a glass to one of the more unusul Doctor Who books.
  • Review – Twelfth Doctor Novels: Dan Tessier tests the waters with three new Twelfth Doctor adventures.
  • Review – This Town Will Never Let Us Go: Matthew Kresal gives us the lowdown on Lawrence Miles’ Faction Paradox novel.
  • Interview with Author Rob Mammone: Bob Furnell sits down with writer, editor and all-round creative engine Rob Mammone to discover the secrets of writing.
  • Review – The Script Doctor: turning to a turn-of-the-century memoir, Jez Strickley takes a second look at the Sylvester McCoy era through the eyes of its script editor, Andrew Cartmel.
  • Target Novelizations and Me: Jessica Chaleff ponders the world of collecting Doctor Who books.
  • The Audio Archives: Andrew Screen reviews the Sixth Doctor story Ish.
  • Review: Memories of Amnesia – The EDAs: a reflection on the Eighth Doctor book range by Dan Tessier.
  • Interview with Author Rick Cross: How does a writer get plugged into the professional circuit? Whotopia regular Matthew Kresal speaks to Candy Jar Books author Rick Cross.
  • Looking at Covers: Hamish Crawford takes a tour of the series’ bookcover artworks.
  • Review – Black Archives: Andrew Screen continues his look at the Black Archives collection.
  • Review – Class Novels: Nick Mellish critically examines the latest run of series-extending novels, this time derived from the Doctor Who spin-off Class.
  • The Curate’s Egg – Peter Haining: Richard Michaels shines a glowing light of approval on one of the series’s most prolific historians.
  • Bookmarks in Time – Doctor Who Adventures In Time & Space: The first of two nostalgic book slices by David P. May.
  • Bookmarks In Time – K9 & Other Mechanical Creatures: The second instalment in David P. May’s nostalgic book highlights.

Cover by Rob Carpenter (aka DJ Toad)

WHOTOPIA ISSUE 32 will be available to download in free PDF format as well as for purchase in print.


Who Script Goes on Auction

An original Doctor Who script for the show’s debut episode has sold at auction for £6,200 ($10,814.80 CAD).

The script, belonging to the show’s first Time Lord William Hartnell, was lost in the time vortex for 55 years before ending up in Dudley.

It was found at Hartnell’s cottage in Mayfield, East Sussex, by a developer who gave it to his grandson.

“Doctor Who and the Tribe of Gum” aired on 23 November, 1963 and was expected to fetch between £5,000 – £7,000.

Steve Kennedy, auctioneer at Aston’s Auctioneers in Dudley said the script, complete with pencil annotations from Hartnell, was “a real find” and had attracted a lot of interest from fans of the programme.

In the episode, the Doctor is introduced after the Tardis is discovered in a London junk yard.

Hartnell’s first line, on page 24 of the script, is “What are you doing here?”

Antiques Roadshow featured the script in an episode on 31 December in which Chris Yeo described it as “the DNA of Doctor Who” and the “genesis of the programme”.


The BBC has provided us with sneak peak at the recently announced new Target novelisations of episodes from the revived post-2005 series of Doctor Who.

Both former showrunners, Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat, will be writing novelisations of their own episodes to be published by BBC Books, under the Target imprint, on the 5th April 2018.

The series will also see the first Target novelization of a Douglas Adams story.

Below are the covers for The Day of the Doctor and Rose.



The BBC today revealed the new series logo design for the forthcoming Series 11 of Doctor Who.  Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think (drop a quick email or comment here on this post).

The Beeb also confirmed that the new season would air in October on BBC-1.