House Style

By following these new parameters Whotopia will present a more uniform – and more professional – look. A consistent house style will also make the work of the respective editors a good deal simpler.

Please find listed below the new Whotopia house style guidelines:

1. All titles (television programmes, plays, books, films, individual Doctor Who stories etc.) should be italicised.

2. Double-quotation marks should only be used to indicate a quotation (e.g. Graham Williams said that “it was a hard season to make.”).

3. Single-quotations marks should only be used for emphasis (e.g. the Sixth Doctor had an ‘interesting’ taste in clothes); or for indicating reported speech within a quotation (e.g. “He was always saying ‘I don’t like cheese.'”).

4. Elipses (i.e. ‘…’) should have no space before them, but one space after (e.g. Many fans thought that he… was a good actor).

5. The series should always be referred to as Doctor Who and not Dr Who, Dr. Who, DW, Who, or any other variations thereof.

6. The Doctor’s incarnations should be capitalised, e.g. the Third Doctor, the Fourth Doctor etc.

7. Individuals should be referred to by the full name in the first instance, and by their surname or full name thereafter (e.g. Colin Baker, not Col). NB. There are exceptions to this rule – please check in advance.

8. Numbers one to ten should be written as words, numbers 11 and over as numbers. However, season numbers should be written in full and capitalised (e.g. Series Four, Season Eighteen).

9. Years and decades should be written in full as numbers (e.g. 1971, not ’71; the 1980s, not the 80s or Eighties); also, there is no need for an apostrophe when referring to decades (e.g. 1990s, not 1990’s).

10. Centuries should be written as words and not numbers; nor should they be capitalised (e.g. the twentieth century, not the 20th Century). When used as an adjective they should be hyphenated (e.g. twentieth-century technology, not twentieth century technology).

11. Articles should be presented in 12pt Arial or Times New Roman, with double-line spacing.

12. Only use a single space after any punctuation, including full stops.

13. Acronyms should not contain dots (e.g. UNIT, not U.N.I.T.)

14. The author’s name, article title, date of submission and word count should be given at the head of the article.

15. All submissions should hightlight two or three possible sections of text which could be used as call-outs. Aside from being in the body of the article, these sections should be identified by being positioned separately, and in bold, at the beginning of the article.

16. The Doctor’s robot dog is K9, not K-9 or K.9.

17. Always hyphenate two-part, three-part and four-part adventures etc.

18. Main Feature articles should be circa 3000-5000 words.

19. Column articles should be circa 1000-2000 words.

20. Feature articles should be circa 2000-3000 words.

21. Reviews should be circa 800-1000 words. NB. There are exceptions to this limit, depending on the subject of the review. Please check in advance before tackling what might prove to be an over-lengthy review.

22. Commonly confused words:

“it’s” with an apostrophe is a contraction for “it is” as in “it’s raining hard.”
“its” without an apostrophe is a possessive pronoun as in “its head was pink.”
“to” as in “…send this to Bob.”
“too” as in “…­there are too many dogs in the house.”
“two” as in “I saw two shows today.”

23. Contractions for words such as cannot, will not, do not, etc. are: can’t, won’t, don’t, etc.

24. The correct names of the actors to portray the Doctor are:

William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee (not John)
Tom Baker
Peter Davison (not Davidson)
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy (not Sylv, Sylvestor, Mccoy)
Paul McGann (not McCann or MacGann)
Christopher Eccleston (not Eccelston, Ecclestone, Eccelstone)
David Tennant (not Tennent)
Matt Smith

25. Other commonly misspelt actor names from Doctor Who:

Carole Ann Ford (not Carol, Anne)
William Russell (not Russel)
Jacqueline Hill (not Jackie Hill)
Matthew Waterhouse (not Mathew)
Maureen O’Brien (not O’Brian)
Frazer Hines (not Fraser)
Caroline John (not Carolyn or Carolin)
Elisabeth Sladen (not Elizabeth)
Louise Jameson (not Jamieson)
Nicola Bryant (not Nichola)
Nicholas Courtney (not Nick, Nickolas, Courtny)
Jenna-Louise Coleman (not Jenna Louise)

26. The Doctor’s home planet is spelt Gallifrey (not Gallifray)

27. The Doctor’s race is the Time Lords (not Timelords)

28. The surname of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is always hyphenated.

Of course, many of you already follow all of the above points, thus the above list is simply intended to clarify Whotopia’s house style.

If you are unsure about any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact me.