issue 16WHOTOPIA is the Canadian fan magazine dedicated to all things Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and the K-9 Adventures.

Each issue delves into all aspects of each series featuring original interviews, in-depth and light-hearted articles, reviews, analysis, original fiction, artwork and much more.

WHOTOPIA began life in mid-2003 when Publisher and Senior Editor Bob Furnell felt it was time to create a sister magazine to then quarterly publication “Tellyvision”. The first issue of Whotopia was published in October 2003 and featured a cover by John Gordon Swogger, articles by numerous fan writers and an exclusive comic written by Kyle Borcz and drawn by Dan McDaid (DWM). Each issue of Whotopia has improved on the last and to date the magazine has published a vast array of material dedicated to Doctor Who, Torchwood, K-9 and the Sarah Jane Adventures and has featured interviews with Nabil Shaban, Maggie Stables, Steven Moffat, Paul Cornell, Victor Pemberton, James Moran, Christopher H Bidmead, Bonnie Langford and others.

WHOTOPIA is currently edited by Jez Strickley, while the Senior Editor is Bob Furnell. The magazine is published on an average of 3 to 4 times per year and is a published by Jigsaw Publications out of Vancouver, Canada. Our writers are from a vast spectrum of fandom covering Canada, the USA, the UK, Italy and more; while our readership resides around the globe.

Whotopia was published as a hardcopy publication from October 2003 to mid-2009 and after much debate amongst its editorial board, the decision was taken to make Whotopia a free downloadable publication with publication of its seventeenth issue in July 2009.  Whotopia will be publishing its 25th issue in 2012, while 2013 will mark the magazines tenth anniversary.