Montmorency Montgomery Bear

The name Terry Molloy might ring a bell with a few of you who visit our blog. He’s one of the actors to have portrayed Davros on the show. Anyway, why we mention him is he’s written a new children’s book.

The first book from actor Terry Molloy, telling the tale of Montmorency Montgomery Bear.

Terry Molloy first met Monty, when he was but a Youngling. They shared every adventure together until one day, they were parted and Monty was left to languish in a box in the attic. But have no fear! Monty and his Youngling were reunited and their friendship rekindled, ready for new adventures.

Written is verse, with charming illustrations by Paul Magrs, this book is set to become a favourite with Younglings of all ages.

Pre order a signed copy direct from FBS, to receive it before official publication and as always, with some special extras. You can go direct to the shop page here where you can purchase it for £6.99. £1 off the RRP.

Terry Molloy is best known for his role of Davros in Doctor Who in the 1980s as also for playing Micke Tucker, the milkman, in Radio 4’s The Archers. Paul Magrs is well known as an author of many books and audio plays.. He is also a talented artist and this is his first set of illustrations for a book.


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