Submissions Wanted for Issue 31


Have you ever wanted to contribute to Whotopia?  Well here’s your chance.

We’re looking for material for issue 31.  Along with our regular columns we are looking for one-off pieces on the theme of writer and script editor Robert Holmes. As well as analytical and research-based articles, we also encourage more lighthearted fare.

Additionally, we would like to include a review* of each of his scripts. To jog memories, Holmes’ stories are as follows:

  • Troughton: The Krotons; The Space Pirates
  • Pertwee: Spearhead from Space; Terror of the Autons; Carnival of Monsters; The Time Warrior
  • Tom Baker: The Ark in Space; Pyramids of Mars; The Brain of Morbius; The Deadly Assassin; The Talons of Weng-Chiang; The Sun Makers; The Ribos Operation; The Power of Kroll
  • Davison: The Caves of Androzani
  • Colin Baker: The Two Doctors; The Trial of a Time Lord Parts 1-4; The Trial of a Time Lord Part 13 (first draft only)

* Those stories crossed out have already been assigned

If it’s of further help, his innovations (as writer and/or script editor) include:

  • The first Jon Pertwee story, and one of the most important adventures in the show’s history (Spearhead from Space). Coincidentally, this is also the first story in color, and the only one shot entirely on film.
  • The first adventures to feature recurring characters Liz Shaw (Spearhead), Jo Grant (Terror of the Autons), Sarah Jane Smith (The Time Warrior), Romana (The Ribos Operation) and the Master (Terror of the Autons)
  • The first scream-free female companion (Leela), and the first non-human companion (K9).
  • The first ‘space opera’ story (The Space Pirates), and the first companion-lite adventure set entirely on Gallifrey (The Deadly Assassin)

Deadline for material:  April 1, 2017

Articles should be attached to an email and be in MS Word format and emailed to:

Please Note: Whotopia is a fan produced magazine and we do not pay contributors for their work.


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