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December 25th – Christmas Day.

A time of peace and harmony – of giving gifts, singing carols, and feasting on roast turkey and plum pudding; of sleigh bells, blankets of snow and ghost stories.

Well, most of us anyway…

The Doctor doesn’t have a great deal of luck at Christmas time. Whether it’s helping to save a planet from the maniacal clutches of death-like aliens, or being haunted by a host of spectral Santa’s, if something bad’s going to happen, you can generally rely on the Doctor being in the thick of it. Like an ill-timed power cut during Christmas dinner, evil it seems, has little respect for the season of peace and good will…

Come celebrate the season in glorious yuletide fashion with a series of festive tales from the sherry-and-mince-pie-addled minds of Craig Charlesworth, Samantha Warner, Karen Kalbacher, Jez Strickley, Jake Johnson, Duncan Johnson & Matthew James.

Purchase your copy here.


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