Editor’s Thoughts on Series 9


Whotopia’s Editor and long-time series fan, Bob Furnell has finally got around to watching Series 9 of “Doctor Who”.  We wanted to know what he thought of the season, and here’s what he had to say…

Okay, so I’m at the halfway mark on Doctor Who Series 9 and here’s my quick rundown and ratings of what I think…

  • Last Christmas – not bad 7/10
  • The Magician’s Apprentice – enjoyable but slow, big upchucks on the guitar playing Doctor 7/10
  • The Witch’s Familiar – not the best episode ever but very good, great to see Davros back 8/10
  • Under The Lake – mysterious and eerie 7/10
  • Before The Flood – still keeping up the mystery from part one 7/10
  • The Girl Who Died – weaker than dishwater 5/10
  • The Woman Who Lived – lame and lots of bad acting 3/10

Advice to Stephen Moffat – “Quit ret-conning Doctor Who history”.

Season average so far: 6.3/10


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