We Need You!

WHOTOPIA_pos_effectsIt’s that time again, when fanzine editors send out requests to all their contributors begging for material for their next issue. Yup, that’s right. It’s a new year and the time is once again upon us for another all new issue of Whotopia.

We’re sending out this call for submissions on or related to this issues theme – Reboots and Restarts: Change and Not a Moment Too Soon. With the recent announcement regarding Stephen Moffat’s departure, it got us to reflecting that Doctor Who has always been about new beginnings, change, and different approaches. The series has a resillient format and with every change of producer or new lead actor, the show finds itself in the position of change. And that’s what this issue will be about. How has the show changed and adapted as the years have gone by. How has the Moffat era of Who differed from all that has gone before it and more. How has a show about time travel embraced the theme of change.

We’re looking for the usual articles, reviews, opinion pieces and regular features.

Submissions for Issue 29 are due:   Saturday March 12 2016

We hope you’ll want to be a part of this upcoming issue and look forward to featuring your work.


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