Submissions Wanted for Issue 28


Hi all.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now Whotopia is returning to print and we’re gearing up for publication of Issue 28 our first new issue in over a year and a half.

We’re wanting to let you know that we’re seeking material for the upcoming issue. We’re looking for a good mix of serious, investigative, informative and lighthearted articles, features and columns; material that is:

  1. Material of a controversial, or topical, nature that would inspire feedback from our readers.
  2. Investigative type articles.
  3. Lighthearted and/or comical material that are witty, cute, funny and charming. (Nothing sophomoric or juvenile.)
  4. Material focusing on Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and the recent K9 series.
  5. Material concentrating on Doctor Who’s vast history and its early days as a television series.
  6. Material that focus on fandom, fandom history, and what it’s like to be a fan of the world’s longest running science fiction series.

Deadline for Issue 28 is:      June 6, 2015

Submitted material should follow the standard Whotopia word count (approximates) which are:

  • 800 words = 1 page
  • 1500 words = 2 pages
  • 2200 words = 3 pages
  • 3000 words = 4 pages
  • Please check with us first before submitting material longer than 3000 words/4 pages.

Material for publication should be submitted in either text (.txt or .rtf) or Word (.doc) format documents, and sent as attachments in an e-mail to

And, as a quick reminder, we’re still looking to hear from those of you who would like to pen a regularly featured column in the zine. If you’ve got an idea for a column, please feel free to drop us a quick note and let us know what your idea is about.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bob & Jez


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