RECOMMENDED: Panic Moon Fanzine

Hi gang.  I promised my friend and fellow fanzine Editor Oliver Wake that I’d help promote his fanzine here on the Whotopia blog.  We here at Whotopia HQ highly recommend Panic Moon and think if you like Whotopia, you’ll definitely enjoy Panic Moon.  The latest issue of the fanzine is now available so why not and go out and support a fellow fan by purchasing a copy.  You won’t be disappointed.

Panic Moon May 2014 cover

The May 2014 issue of Panic Moon fanzine is available now.

It’s a real mixed bag this time, but has an unintended – but nevertheless welcome – slight first Doctor bias, with articles about An Unearthly Child, Marco Polo, The Time Meddler and The Savages. We also look at The Time of the Doctor, Doomsday and The Girl Who Waited, Doctor Who in Germany, missing episode animations and space opera in Doctor Who. As if that weren’t enough, we speculate on a connection between The Daemons and Ghost Light, and write in praise of Carmen Munro, Michael Grade, the Raston Warrior Robot, Tanya Lernov, the TARDIS doors and moments from Planet of Giants and The Enemy of the World.

The issue is lavishly illustrated with beautiful original artwork. The issue comprises 36 monochrome pages in Panic Moon’s distinctive A6 ‘pocket-sized’ format. Just right for reading on the bus (or in the loo!).

It costs just £1.50 in the UK including postage. For those outside the UK, it’s £3.00.

Ordering Instructions:
Please make payment using PayPal to Please use the ‘sending money to family or friends’ option as this minimises the fees – Panic Moon is an amateur non-profit making concern so this helps us keep our losses to a minimum. Don’t forget to add your postal address (including country if not UK) in the message section as PayPal won’t provide it automatically.

If you don’t use the use the ‘friends or family’ option, please add 25p (for UK orders) or 30p (for orders outside the UK) to help offset the fees.

Cheque payment also acceptable for UK orders: enquire by email for address.


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