The Day Is Here

doctorIt’s Saturday, November 23, 2013.  The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here after a long, long, wait.  It’s Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, and how will you be celebrating it?  Will you be watching it at home, downloading it from an on-line source, gathering round at a friends place with a group of other Who fans, or maybe you’ll be attending one of the thousands of special 3D screenings in a theatre, but however you’ll be celebrating the day, just like every Doctor Who fan around the world, we here at Whotopia HQ are excited that the day is finally here.  We’re giddy with excitement just like kids at Christmas.

As part of that excitement, we have some very special news to share with you.

As you know, we’re currently putting the final touches on the next issue of WhotopiaIssue 26 – which should be out any day now.  We can tell you it will be a chock-a-block with over 50 pages of Doctor Who goodness.  But not only that, we had so much material submitted for Issue 26, in fact we had too much material.  As a result we can reveal that all that extra material will be put into another issue which we will be released a few weeks after Issue 26.  Two issues in one swoop – Issue 26 and 27!!!

And, we’re not stopping there either.  Not only will issue 27 contain all the added material we received, but we will also be including a whole host of material tying in with today’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.  This will include material dedicated to: An Adventure In Space and Time; The Science of Doctor Who; reports from theatre screenings of the Anniversary special from Australia, Canada and the United States; an indepth a look at the actual 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of The Doctor, and much more.


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