So What Did You Think?


Did you see it?

Did you enjoy it?

We’re you excited?

What did you think?

Doctor Who fans around the world are jumping up and down with glee after the worldwide broadcast of the 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor”.  Reaction to the special from the fans we’ve spoken to so far seems to be over-whelmingly positive, with everyone seeming to have something special to say about the story.  We here at Whotopia HQ were totally blown away and impressed.  Not only did we totally enjoy “The Day of the Doctor” but there were moments where we laughed, we smiled, we cried, we were surprised and jumped for joy.  Overall we were impressed.

So what did you think of the Anniversary Special?  We’d like to hear from our readers.  Drop us a quick email to our editorial address (located to the right of this post) and/or vote in our on-line poll below.


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