Lost Episodes? Yes, No, Maybe, Don’t Have Any Idea.

d2-2n-027The rumours have reached the British media and stories have been coming out regarding a treasure trove of 1960s Doctor Who episodes that were discovered in Africa this past year.  A couple of newspapers — and the Radio Times itself — have reported on this matter in the past few days, each claiming sources for their stories.  The stories themselves are full of contradictions.  There was to be a BBC press conference on Wednesday but apparently it’s now been moved to the end of this week.

Obviously something is about to be announced, but exactly what we can expect is pure speculation at this point.  The Restoration Team is not a part of this — according to them.  Usually they are nearly the first to be apprised of any discoveries.

It remains to be proven fact if indeed episodes have indeed been found or not or it’s all rumour and supposition.  The best bet is to hold off making any kind of judgment until the BBC themselves issue a press release.  Until then, I’m sure this heated story will continue to circulate.


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