Issue 26 Submissions

Hi everyone.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and you’re not too affected by the heat wave that’s hit most of North America.
Just a quick update regarding the Whotopia Summer Special and Issue 26.
The SUMMER SPECIAL has been completed. The layout is complete and the first publication draft is currently with Jez and Alex who are reviewing the draft. Once this is complete, I’ll be notified if there are any changes to be made to draft. Once that’s done, there’ll be another quick review of the issue and if all looks okay, the issue will then be sent to Jack who will upload it to the Whotopia website. If all goes to plan, I’m hoping the SUMMER SPECIAL will be online and available for download by the end of the month.
Now that the SUMMER SPECIAL has been completed we can turn our attention to ISSUE 26 which is tentatively scheduled for publication sometime in late fall/eary winter 2013. This will be the final issue for 2013. There is no theme for ISSUE 26. We’ve set September 7, 2013 as the deadline for material intended for publication in this issue. We’re looking for all sorts of interesting pieces for publication, so please put on your thinking caps and start generating ideas for material for the issue.
If you’ve got an idea for an article for ISSUE 26 and you’re not sure its suitable or just want to pass the idea by us, feel free to drop myself or Jez a quick email.
Don’t forget, the deadline for ISSUE 26 is SEPTEMBER 7, 2013.

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