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YW2_rev2Readers of Whotopia may want to pick up a copy of the brand new Doctor Who fan anthology YOU AND WHO: CONTACT HAS BEEN MADE: Volume 1.  This new anthology features essays penned by Whotopia personnel Bob Furnell (Senior Editor/Publisher), Nick Mellish (Target Trawl), Grant Bull (Wholife), Jez Strickley (Editor), and past & present contributors Michael S. Collins, Jon Arnold, Paul Mount, Nabil Shaban, Ian Wheeler, and Greg Bakun.

From its humble beginnings being recorded in a tiny studio on 405-line black and white video cameras with a minuscule budget, to its latest incarnation on HD as one of the BBC’s flagship dramas, Doctor Who has always moved with the times, and often reflected them. For the last five decades, the series has inspired and engaged audiences in a way that no other television programme has ever managed.

For more than 26 years, the original series delighted children of all ages with its unique blend of sci-fi and horror, excitement and scares, cliffhanger storytelling and, above all, monsters. As the programme grew, so we grew with it, absorbing its pleasures in diverse and changing ways.

You and Who: Contact Has Been Made Volume One is a record of how that relationship began, of how we experienced those fifty years, as written by the show’s own fans.

To purchase a copy of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made visit the MIWK website at


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