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Tenth Anniversary Issue

Not Just Jamie: Frazer Hines Interview
Paula Hammond speaks with the popular actor about his Highlander alter-ego, acting school and… cricket?

Oh Yeti, Where Art Thou?
Michael S Collins reflects on one of the series’ untapped recurring monsters

The Mind of the Makers
The history of the Time Lords is a murky one, Gary Phillips investigates

Louise Jameson Interview
Returning interviewee Louise Jameson tells Paula Hammond about her new plays, and how she brought the character of Leela to life

The Canon Debate
Ever one for a debate, Steve Tomporowski uncovers one of fandom’s most contentious topics

Dave Columbus and Jürgen Pfeffer examine TARDIS crews past and present

Arnold T Blumberg Interview
Bob Furnell and Jez Strickley chat with one of fandom’s most successful writers

A History of Whotopia
Celebrating 25 issues in ten years, Bob Furnell looks back at the story of Whotopia

Lost and Found
Matthew Kresal explores the history of Anthony Coburn’s script The Masters of Luxor

Paul Winter Interview
Just what makes fandom tick? Jez Strickley speaks to DWAS’ long-time Coordinator

Doctor Who and the Curse of Wookey Hole
MJ Steel Collins braves the witch of Wookey Hole to bring us an eerie tale

Replay: Meet the Wife
Gary Phillips gives us his thoughts on Neil Gaiman’s script, The Doctor’s Wife

Torchwood In Print
Miles Reid-Lobatto looks at John Barrowman’s co-written novel, Exodus Code

Screwdrivers, Scaries and Scarves: The Fourth Doctor
Jez Strickley recalls how “all teeth and curls” hooked him on the series

The Fanzine Corner
Another look at the world of fanzine publishing with Bob Furnell

Dalek’s Advocate
Bob Furnell considers why Robot maybe one of the best Doctor debut stories

With time machine in tow, Grant Bull decides to rewrite the past

Target Trawl: Target 25
Continuing his Target book-reading odyssey, Nick Mellish tackles 25 novelizations in one sitting

COVER BY Kevin Mullen & Bob Furnell



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