Series 7.1 Assessment

The first half of the seventh series of Doctor Who has concluded and we’re all eagerly awaiting this years Christmas Special and the proper introduction to new companion Oswin.  However, over the past 5 weeks, our panel of reviewers have voiced their opinions on episodes 1 through 5 and here’s how each story ranked overall with our panelists…

  • Asylum of the Daleks (Average Rating: 7/10)
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (Average Rating: 7/10)
  • A Town Called Mercy (Average Rating: 6.7/10)
  • The Power of Three (Average Rating: 6.7/10)
  • The Angels Take Manhattan (Average Rating: 8.4/10)

Based on the ratings for these 5 stories, the overall average rating for the first half of the season is a resounding 7.2 out of 10.  While not a particularly high overall rating, still respectable enough that we’d venture to say that on the whole, our panelists have enjoyed the season so far but feel it could be better.


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