Review: The Power of Three

Continuing on with our fan reviews for Series 7…

Greg Senger, USA:
A pretty solid episode, in this critic’s opinion. It showed a very convincing example of the decisions that companions face when nearing their end with the Doctor. Of course, the Doctor will continue on forever, as he always does. But with the support of Rory’s Dad (Mark Williams; Red Dwarf’s Olaf Petersen) Amy and Rory will have a bit more time with their Time Lord. In my opinion, that’s a very good thing. Rose, Jack, the Doctor… Martha, Donna, the Doctor… Sarah Jane, Harry, the Doctor… Clearly, Power of Three is a very good thing. 8/10

Gary Phillips, UK:
The Power of Three whilst far better than Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was a missed opportunity. If anything it was a darker version of The Lodger. Mark Williams got a far better outing as Brian Williams than in his previous outing but if Kate Stewart was The Brigadier’s daughter then it wasn’t so much a tribute to the Brigadier as an insult! The character was bland and unremarkable. Steven Berkoff was wasted as Sharkiri. 5/10

Bob Furnell, Canada:
This was an interesting episode in that we got to see what a companion’s life is like when they’re not travelling with the Doctor.  In this case it was Rory and Amy’s.  They seemed like every other everyday couple and it was great to see how close they were to one another.  They truly love each other and while the lure to travel with the Doctor is always there, they realize that travelling with him isn’t a real life despite how much fun it can be.  7/10



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