Review: The Angels Take Manhattan

We conclude our Series 7 fan episodes reviews with reviews of the mid-season finale, The Angels Take Manhattan

Gary Phillips, UK
I didn’t think I would miss the Ponds but this episode was both stunning and heartbreaking. The regulars gave their finest performance to date even if River Song was superfluous. The story was the making of Matt Smith. Moffatt was back on form and shows what he can do when not burdened with the tedious Sherlock. I was in tears. Moffatt is a poor show runner but proves he is still a superb writer and gave us the first classic since the series came back. 10/10

Greg Senger, USA
For the first time ever for a Moffat penned episode, I shed tears as we said goodbye to Companions. Sure, Tennant’s farewell was heartbreaking to Rose, Donna, et al, and I think this episode ranks just as high. It was refreshing to see the time-zapping ability of the Angels again, which hasn’t been touched since Blink, if I recall correctly. There wasn’t any Doctor/ River dialogue that made me want to jam pencils in my ears and vomit all over the place, as is usual for a River-involved Moffat story. The acting was sincere, heartfelt and my heart broke right along with the Doctor’s. It was also very grown up of Amy to give up her Raggedy Doctor for Rory. For once, for the first time in 3 years, the story just made me feel. Sad. Really sad. But it made me feel. And I think it’s the first time since The End of Time that’s happened. 9.5/10

Ian Wheeler, UK
Angels Take Manhattan was rather good actually. I’d expected something a bit over-sentimental like when Rose left but Amy and Rory’s departure was handled pretty well. Matt Smith gave a very good performance indeed and I think he pitched it just right. I wasn’t totally convinced about the logic of the Doctor never being able to see Amy again. We were told that Mickey and Rose could never return from the other dimension they were in and of course they did. Likewise, I think we can expect to see Amy and Rory back pretty soon. A nice episode.  7/10

Bob Furnell, Canada
Overall this was a very good episode and of all the episodes to feature the Weeping Angels, the scariest of them all.  There were some nice moments throughout and some good interaction between all four characters (the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River).  I was a bit disappointed in Rory and Amy’s send off and sadly didn’t find it that sad or overtly dramatic. I was expecting something a bit more sappy. 7/10



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