Issue 24 Now Available

Whotopia Issue 24 – September 2012

Out Of Time
Doctor Who without time travel? Ian Wheeler explores the consequences

Doctor Who and the End of The World
Gary Phillips considers locales at the edge of time and space

Travel, Time, Dangerous Job, Writer, for a
Michael S Collins plays with nonlinear writing with literal results

The Janet Fielding Interview
Bob Furnell asks the questions in this exclusive interview

An Old Wives’ Tale
Matthew Kresal spotlights the TARDIS and its human aspirations

The RTD Debate
Good, bad, or undecided? Michael S Collins & Jon Arnold battle it out

A Tribute to Caroline John
Ian Wheeler pays tribute to the late Caroline John

The Incomparable Liz Shaw
Gary Phillips takes an in-depth look back at this popular companion

The Noel Clarke Interview
Paula Hammond talks to Noel Clarke about life after Doctor Who

A Tribute to Mary Tamm
Gary Phillips and Michael S Collins pay tribute to the late Mary Tamm

Great Actors No One Talks About
Unsung actors are given their due by Michael S Collins

Target Trawl
Nick Mellish gets a double helping of Leela in his on-going review of Target books

Dalek’s Advocate: In Defence of Timelash
Season Twenty-Two’s least favourite story is given a fresh look by Jez Strickley

The Memoirs of Two Whovian Gentlemen
Bob Furnell chats to Nick Mellish & Will Brooks authors of “Memoirs of an Edwardian Gentlemen”

Screwdrivers, Scaries and Scarves: Cliff-hangers
Jez Strickley examines the concept of the cliff-hanger

The Fanzine Corner
Bob Furnell goes back in time to the world of Doctor Who Bulletin

WHOTOPIA Issue 24 is now online and available to download for free in PDF format. Just click on the download bar and save to your PC. The PDF can be read on your PC or e-device such as an iPad or eReader.  To download your copy of issue 24 visit


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