ATTENTION: Fans of the Sarah Jane Adventures

Whotopia’s friend Will Brooks is planning to release a special publication dedicated to The Sarah Jane Adventures.  If you’d be interested in a hardcopy, please email him at willbrooks1980[@] more interest he gets for orders, the better, and perhaps the cost to purchase will go down.

* * * * * *

I’m pleased to announce The Sarah Jane Files, a fanzine I’ve been working on for the past few months.
It’s very much in the style of the Brilliant Book, with a guide to every episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, interviews with the show’s writers an crew, fun features about the characters and the show, some brand new exclusive fiction, a comic strip by Paul Hanley and Shawn Van Briesen, and more!
We’re looking to launch this one-off fanzine at the end of the year, as both a digital version and, hopefully, a limited print-run, too. Any proceeds made from the print-run will be donated to Cancer Research UK, in memory of Elisabeth Sladen, Nick Courtney, Caroline John, Mary Tamm and many others touched by cancer.
You can follow us for updates and news either on Gallifrey Base, or on Twitter.
We’d be interested in hearing feedback as to whether people would be interested in a printed version, so we can start to ascertain if it’s viable or not. We’d be looking somewhere in the region of £20, (a lot for a fanzine, we realise!), for around 140 pages. Obviously, still very much in flux, but it would be good to hear some feedback.

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