WIN “Death To The Daleks” on DVD

Whotopia has another contest on offer, this time, readers have a chance to win a copy of Death To The Daleks on DVD.  This 1974 story stars Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen and was written by Terry Nation.  A power failure in the TARDIS draws it off course, and the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith end up stranded on the bleak planet of Exxilon.  They soon meet members of an Earth expedition in a similar situation.  The humans are search for a rare mineral, but first they must find out what is draining their power and avoid what’s inside another grounded spaceship containing the Doctor’s oldest enemies.

To win a copy of this DVD, all you have to do is email your answer to the following question…

What old enemy of the Doctor’s appears in this story?

All entries with the correct answer will be put into the draw to win a copy of the DVD.  Deadline for entries is September 18, 2012.

* [Btw, this is the Region 1 DVD release.]



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