Memoirs of an Edwardian Adventurer

Slap us silly for not promoting this sooner especially as it comes from two people who have both contributed to Whotopia over the years.  There’s no excuse for our bad manners.

The eighth Doctor made only one TV appearance in the 1996 TV movie, but since that time has led a long and eventful life on audio.  Since 2001, Big Finish have produced more than sixty audio plays featuring Paul McGann giving the character a life beyond the small screen.

Published this past September, MEMOIRS OF AN EDWARDIAN ADVENTURER sees two dedicated Doctor Who fans set out to listen to each of these audio plays, one episode a day every day, in an attempt to experience a true ‘Eighth Doctor Era’ of Doctor Who. Along the way they discover the highs and lows of the series, from 2001’s Storm Warning through to 2011’s To the Death, via a short series of Sixth Doctor plays featuring the ongoing companion Charley Pollard.

Written by Will Brooks (former Whotopia layout artist) and Nick Mellish (author of Whotopia’s extremely popular Target Trawl column). Sometimes examining the literary origins of the Eighth Doctor’s adventures, sometimes commenting on the strength of a story, and sometimes merely praising, (or otherwise), a particular cast member, Memoirs of an Edwardian Adventurer is the definitive account of two fan’s experiences of the Eighth Doctor’s era.

The book aslo features a foreword by Conrad Westmaas, Eighth Doctor companion C’rizz from The Creed of the Kromon (2004) to Absolution (2007).

Now available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook for £6.26 or from PageTurner Publishing for £9.99 in paperback.

294 Pages | Paperback
Pageturner Publishing

Whotopia will be interviewing Nick and Will in a future issue.


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