Hi all. It’s beg, borrow, or steal time.

Alright; listen up all of you Matt Smith/11th Doctor era fans!

Whotopia needs your support and we need you to pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards. We’re in need of material related to Matt Smith’s era of Doctor Who for the next issue of the zine. In the words of Jez, our illustrious editor…

At this stage, Bob and I are hoping to get #23 released very early in the New Year. So far we have Series Six reviews, an interview, another instalment of ‘Dalek’s Advocate’ and the usual columns. So, what we’re still looking for is stand-alone articles and hopefully a lead feature of around 3000 words.

If you have any thoughts on Moffat, Matt Smith’s Doctor, new-style Daleks and the now well-used time-wimey plotline, plus a host of other Eleventh Doctor topics, do let us know by December 15th.

While we’re primarily looking for 11th Doctor topics, I’ll mention we’re also looking for someone to review episodes 6-10 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, and if anyone’s so inclined, now that the series has come to an end, an overview of the Sarah Jane Adventures.

So if you’re interested in penning something for this issue, please drop us a email.


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