Issue 22 Now Out


  • Editorial: A Kind of Menace – Jez Strickley
  • Pride and Cyberprejudice – Michael S. Collins wades in with an epic analysis of the Cybermen
  • Chris Boucher Interview – Jez Strickley talks with the man behind Leela, Taren Capel and the Fendahl, not mention his influence on a certain rival sci-fi series
  • Quite Masterly – No Doctor Who rogues gallery would be complete without the Master, Gary Phillips investigates
  • The Sylvester McCoy Villains – Ian Wheeler examines the villains who menaced the Seventh Doctor
  • The Villains No One Remembers – With the Eighth Doctor in mind, Jake Johnson considers some of the least talked about villains
  • The Most Wacky Monsters – Bob Furnell asks what the designers were thinking when they conjured up some of the series’ more unusual monsters
  • Torchwood Series 4 Overview – Craig Charlesworth gives us his take on the first five episodes of the latest instalment of RTD’s brainchild
  • The Weeping Angels – perhaps the series’ most frightening monster since 2005, Emily Jones takes a look and tries not to blink
  • Dalek’s Advocate: The Case for the Foamasi – Those Mafia-esque bad boys take some defending, Bob Furnell tackles the challenge
  • Wholife: Music and Villains – Grant Bull comments on a certain Beach Boys song as the soundtrack to the Doctor’s life
  • Fanzine Corner – In this ongoing series of fanzine reviews, Bob Furnell continues his voyage into fan writing
  • Newish Adventures: Final Frontier Review – AJ Gulyas returns with another look at the New Adventures book series
  • Target Trawl -Nick Mellish uncovers a renegade Time Lord, anti-matter monsters and mutan as he presents three more Target readings
  • Screwdrivers, Scaries and Scarves: The Monster Revealed – Jez Strickley considers one of the series’ staple scare-making devices

And much more… All in issue 22, now available to download in PDF format from the Whotopia website


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