Whotopia Recommends Panic Moon

The latest issues of the superb British fanzine, Panic Moon, is now available to purchase.

This is one of my favorite fanzines.  Panic Moon is published/edited by Oliver Wake and is unique in that it doesn’t conform to the typical size fanzines usually publish in (A4, A5 and Letter size). Published in the 4×6 inch or A6 format, other than the size, there is nothing small about this zine. Each subsequent issue seems to better than the one published before it. Oliver and his team of contributors present a zine that is well designed, well written and highly entertaining and interesting. Articles range from the lighthearted to the serious and every other page is illustrated by some

The October issue of Panic Moon is available now, via http://panicmoonfanzine.blogspot.com

The latest issue includes:
Reviews of each episode from the second half of series six, plus Torchwood: Miracle Day, the latest from Big Finish and recent Doctor Who fanzines. New perspectives on the stories Colony in Space and The Sun Makers. Articles exploring the Pathfinders legacy for Doctor Who; the Hartnell factor; evolution in Doctor Who; the Day of the Daleks ‘Special Edition’; and what that Dalek was doing in the Thames. Plus a lively letters page and some beautiful artwork.

The zine is A6 format, 32 pages, monochrome and fully illustrated.

Prices, inc P&P (and payable through PayPal):

UK: £1.20
Elsewhere in Europe: £2.00
Outside Europe (USA/Canada): £2.50

Back issues are also available.

For further information on Panic Moon, contact Oliver Wake via email at panicmoonfanzine@googlemail.com or visit their website at http://www.panicmoonfanzine.blogspot.com.


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