Vancouver Doctor Who Convention?

Hi all. We have a question for you, and before you answer yes or no, here’s a little background info.

It’s been years – well, the last Doctor Who event with a guest in the Vancouver area was A Day With Anneke Wills in the mid 1990s and before that Who Party West 3 in 1990 with Nicola Bryant, so its been at least 15-20 years since any kind of event was held locally. Anyway…

This question probably applies more to Canadian Doctor Who fans, and nearby American Who fans, but how many people would in theory be interested in attending a Doctor Who convention in Vancouver BC Canada? I know it would depend on the size, the guest(s) (if any), price and dates of the event, but if a Doctor Who convention was held in Vancouver, would you be interested in attending? Would anyone be interested in helping organize such an event? Would you attend a smaller event without a guest, or would you prefer it to be a larger event with a guest?

Nothing has been planned definitely yet, no dates set, nothing concrete and carved in stone. We’re just put the ‘feelers’ out to gage interest in the possibility of an event. Your thoughts on this is appreciated.  Drop us a line in care of the Whotopia editorial address whotopia[@] and let us know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Vancouver Doctor Who Convention?

  1. I would come to Vancouver for a Who Convention (I live in Manitoba now) When I lived in Van I went to Who Party West 3 and before that there was Anglicon in Tacoma(they were to have Nicholas Courtney and Sophie Aldred (she cancelled) but Courtney was cool as he covered so many Doctors he had a lot of good stories).

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