The Chase: Not so Bad

Hi. My name’s Michael, and I’ve written for Whotopia for over six years now!

Recently me and my wife, Mandy, sat down to watch The Chase. I expected to be awful, based on everyone telling me it was awful. It had the world’s worst Abraham Lincoln. A terrified Dalek clearly on its first adventure outside Skaro, who “errs” his way through responses to the boss Dalek. A robot duplicate of William Hartnell that was nowhere near as bad as people claim. Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster taking on the Daleks. Those robots that show up in Episode 6 and were terrible. The Empire State Building, wet aliens,  bumbling Americans, the Mary Celeste, the Beatles, giant testicle monsters, William Hartnell fighting himself, a cuddly toy panda, “Stop screaming and run you fool!“, and warnings about the dangers of floating in Spain.

Utterly camp, seemingly written as they went along, lousy production values…and yet I just can’t bring myself to hate it.

After all, it was much better than Vampires in Venice!

Maybe Hartnell can save everything after all.


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