An Engaging Autobiography…

I just finished reading Self Portrait, the first volume of former Doctor Who companion Anneke Wills two-volume biography; and what did I think?  Fantastic.  Anneke has penned an engaging account of the first thirty-five years of her life and I can’t say enough positive things about the book. 

Having met, worked and socialized with Anneke while she lived here in Vancouver for some time in the nineties, it can be difficult to comment on a book written by somebody you know without it seeming as if you’re being biased.  But I have to say that this is not the case.  This is a well written, entertaining book that I think not only Doctor Who fans should read, but anyone who has an interest in television and the actors who populate this medium.  I learned a lot about Anneke’s early life that I didn’t know anything about – for example her often tempestuous marriage to Michael Gough and her love affair with Anthony Newley.  

While there are low moments in her life, the book is filled with many moments of joy and happiness such as the birth of her two children Polly and Jasper, and her loving and close relationship with her brother Robin.  Whilst reading the book, my impression of Anneke was of a genuinely loving, kind and giving person, who is making the most of her journey through life.  Right from her days as a child, here is someone who is searching for inner peace and joy and to be at one with one’s self.

Self Portrait is published by Hirst Books and is available from


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