Issue 20 Now Available

Issue 20 is now available from the Whotopia site.  This issue is our salute to the David Tennant era of Doctor Who featuring…

The Tennant Legacy
Ian Wheeler considers what Doctor number ten has given to the series

Ten Again
Thomas Willam Spychalski conducts an overview of the Doctor’s tenth persona

Tennant’s Ladies
Emily Jones reflects upon the Tenth Doctor’s female companions

Martha Jones: Is She The Worst Companion Ever?
A fresh critique of the Tenth Doctor’s lovelorn companion by Steve Tomporowski

The Perfect Tennant
Kenny Smith investigates whether the Tenth Doctor was the perfect Doctor

Romance In Doctor Who
Grant Bull tackles one of the series’ more contentious aspects

How The Mighty Fall
A look at the apparent end of the Time Lords by Matthew Kresal

The Stephen Wyatt Interview
Jez Strickley keeps an eye out for lethal cleaners and sinister circuses as he chats with the writer behind Paradise Towers and Greatest Show In The Galaxy

Target Trawl
A mammoth installment in Nick Mellish’s reading marathon

Screwdrivers, Scaries and Scarves: Regeneration
Jez Strickley offers some thoughts on this unique sci-fi creation

The Better The Devil You Know
Richard Farrell looks back the Tenth Doctor’s face-off with an ancient evil as he reassess The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Dalek’s Advocate: Love and Monsters
Jez Strickley takes up the Skarosians case for this much debated adventure

The Memory of Darkness: Part Four
The concluding installment of our original fiction story by Julio Angel Ortiz

Plus all our regular columns: Screwdrivers, Scaries & Scarves/ Target Trawl/ Parallel lines, features and more!

Whotopia Issue 20


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