Future Issues

Whotopia will be continuing to publish throughout 2011 with the plan to publish at least three issues over the next twelve months.  First up will be Issue 20, which is planned for a February publication date.  After issue 20, a further two issues are planned – Issues 21 and 22, with a possibility of a further fourth issue as either a special issue or regular issue.  (This isn’t a definite yet, but we’ll keep readers informed if and when this extra issue goes ahead.)  The theme for issue 20 is a look at the David Tennant era, while issue 21’s theme will be on Monsters and Villains while issue 22 will be examining the Matt Smith era so far.

We’ll be letting contributors know the submission deadlines for these issues in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, if you’ve ever wanted to contribute to Whotopia, nows the time to get your thinking caps for ideas for possible articles based around the theme for each of these issues.  Of course, we’ll be providing additional information on these issues in the coming weeks and months once more plans have been finalized.


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