Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 Reviewers Wanted

Whotopia is looking for volunteers who would be interested in watching and reviewing the Sarah Jane Adventures Season 4 episodes.

Series 4 looks like it will debut on October 11th and we’re in need 6 people who would be interested in writing reviews of each story for publication in Whotopia.

Reviewers will review both parts 1 and 2 of each story.

The list of stories up for review are:

  1. The Nightmare Man – Eps 1/2
  2. The Vault of Secrets – Eps 1/2
  3. Death of the Doctor – Eps 1/2
  4. The Empty Planet – Eps 1/2
  5. Lost In Time – Eps 1/2
  6. Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith – Eps 1/2

Written reviews are asked to be submitted roughly 2 weeks after broadcast of part 2 of the story.

If you’re interested in reviewing one of these stories, reply to our usual email address.

UPDATEThank you to everyone who replied to our request for reviewers.  All review slots have now been filled.


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