Issue 19 Status Report

Fear not dear faithful Whotopia readers.  We haven’t died and closed up shop.  We’re still here and work continues on the next issue of the magazine.  Sadly, things are taking a little longer than expected regarding the layout, but we can assure you that it will be released as soon as we can get it online.  Our layout designer has been busy with some real life projects but the last I spoke with him – about a week ago – assured me that the issue is just about done.  Like so many fannish pursuits, things like the zine get interrupted by real life events, which I’m sure you can appreciate do take prescendence.  It can’t be helped but its a part of life and while like you, we’re anxious to see the next issue, we’re all doing this in our spare time and none of us are getting paid to work on the zine.  Sorry things are taking a little longer than expected, but we hope our readers will understand and bare with us. 

Until then, what did you think of season 5/31?  Weren’t Matt and Amy fantastic?

And if you can’t wait till issue 19 is published, feel free to drop by our sister magazine Tellyvision’s blog and download the very first issue of the relaunched magazine.  You can download issue 1 in PDF format for free by visiting


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