Check Out Andersonic

Hi all.  Hey, we wanted to tell you about a magazine being published by a friend of Whotopia’s called Andersonic.  If you’re a fan of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s many series throughout the years, you might want to check out the latest issue now available.

The latest issue now has 44 pages, colour covers and features:

  • A new interview with former Century 21 writer and director Leo Eaton in which he discusses his time directing the puppet series, writing for Scarlet, what it was like working on Joe 90 and UFO, why he eventually left the series and how he came to work with Ed Wood. 
  • Supermerchandisation – A look at how Century 21 revolutionised the marketing of ‘tie-in’ products in the 1960s. (See this website for additonal info on this subject) 
  • Into Infinity – Script to screen feature revealing scenes that didn’t make it to the final version plus a new interview with musician Steve Coe. 
  • Space:1999/ Earthbound – a look at Anthony Terpiloff’s episode where Christopher Lee gives everyone an egg and Gerald Simmonds Esq does everything he can to get back to where he once belonged. 
  • Brink of Disaster Retrospective – four writers evaluate one of Thunderbirds’ most stylish episodes. Is complete automation a viable option? Whadda you think!
  • UFO/ Survival – Michael Billington makes his UFO debut in a moon-based episode that explores prejudice and, er, survival.
  • Space Patrol – a look at the 1960s series made by former Anderson alumni Arthur Provis and Roberta Leigh, which had an interesting legacy. 
  • Review Section – New merchandise reviewed.
  • SHADO Staff Handbook – What not to do in your new job. Please sign and return to the HR department. What do you mean you don’t want a lilac gull-wing company car?
  • Joe 90 A-Z – everything you need to know about WIN’s 4′ 4″ Most Special Agent.
  • X-Planes Extra – more inspirational designs we couldn’t fit in last time. Ever wondered what inspired the design of Thunderbird 1, FAB 1, Supercar and UFO’s Lunar Carrier?

44 pages with colour outer and inner covers/ black and white interior.

We here at Whotopia can’t recommend Andersonic more highly than we can.  It’s a great magazine filled with well written and entertaining material, and definitely a must have for fans of Gerry & Sylvia’s television series.

So check out Andersonic by visiting their site at:


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