Sci-Fi Sea Cruises Come to Seattle/Vancouver

Hi all.  Just wanted to pass on this message I got from old friend Dan who runs the Sci-Fi Sea Cruises.  He wanted me to pass on the word about the Bon Voyage party for this year’s cruise out of Seattle/Vancouver featuring Sylvester McCoy, Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee So from the 1996 TVM.  So if you’d like to spend a few hours partying with the stars, read on…

Hi Bob –

I’m sure you’ve heard something about the current Doctor Who Cruise to Alaska sailing out of Vancouver & Seattle next month, and the fact that we’re doing another Bon Voyage Party, this time in Seattle. We’ll also be touring a few of the Vancouver filming locations again just before heading over to the cruise port at Canada Place with Sylvester, Daphne, and Yee Jee.

I’d love to get as many of the local Vancouver area fans as possible into the loop, either as casual fans at the Bon Voyage Party, or as active event volunteer helpers as well. My old buddy Chas Martin is already driving down from Victoria to do the Bon Voyage Party in Seattle the evening of 6 May, and will be part of our little fleet of vehicles heading back up to Vancouver the morning of the 7th with Sylvester, Daphne, and the rest of us split up among them.

Right now I am actively recruiting “fans with vans”, LOL (or any other vehicles with spare seats to share) to help out with that aspect of the event, and you and any of your fellow Vancouver fans who might want to come down Seattle way for the party and share your empty seats on the ride back in the morning would be very enthusiasticly welcomed. Can I ask you to please pass this news & request for volunteers around to all in your area who may find it of interest?  Also, full info on both the cruise itself and a linked sub page dealing with just the Bon Voyage Party, can be found exactly where you’d expect it, on our web site at

It will be a fun time for everyone involved, and I hope that includes you & many other local BC area Doctor Who fans.

All my best & hope to see you again in 2 weeks – Dan


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