Reader Thoughts on “The Beast Below”

Continuing our look at each of the latest season episodes, here are some of the reader comments we’ve received regarding “The Beast Below”

Have to say I’m finding Matt Smith wonderfully refreshing, it’s reminding me of how bogged down with the weight of the world Tennant episodes were towards the end.    -Jon Arnold, USA

A good, old fashioned story.  Originally I thought just what kind of terrible Beast lives below.  When you DO find out, it knocks you in the stomach.  The Doctor’s dilemma was handled brilliant by Matt Smith who continues to shine.    -Kevin Mullen, UK

Slow and a bit dull after last weeks excitement fest.  Hopefully the pace will pick up next week.     -Cyndy Russell, Canada

That was far better than anything RTD ever did.  Well done.    -Arnold Jerome, USA


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