The Eleventh Hour Comments


Well, the Matt Smith era is truly here and after watching his first episode last night – “The Eleventh Hour” – I have to say, “Matt Smith is the Doctor!”

I sat down with two friends and watched the season premiere last night and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.  While perhaps not a contender for one of the all time best episodes ever of “Doctor Who”, the season premiere was an enjoyable, fun filled, romp that far out shone the first episodes for Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant

The premiere was written by new series show runner Stephen Moffat, and while it may not have been one of the best Doctor Who scripts Moffat has ever written for the series to date, it definitely was far better than anything Russell T. Davies ever managed to turn out.  Moffat’s script for the premiere contained the right blend of action, adventure, comedy, and fun which provided a story which proved to be an excellent vehicle to showcase the series new lead actor, Matt Smith, and new companion Amy Pond played by Karen Gillam

I really enjoyed this episode and there were numerous great moments such as when the Doctor climbs out of the crashed TARDIS and encounters the young Amy in her garden.  Another example was the reveal of the all new TARDIS exterior and interior.  The new console room is fantastic.  And guess what?!  It has a staircase in it.

For me about the only minus for the episode was that the monster was a bit crap, and some of the CGI I thought could have been a bit better.  But, overall I thought Matt and Karen were brilliant – the two seem to have a great repartee between each other.   Definitely super stuff and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the season. 8 out of 10.


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