Whotopia Issue 18 News

Well, I don’t believe it.  No more than 5 minutes prior to writing this, I just received the final draft version of issue 18 from Will, our layout designer.  Yup, you read right.  In my hot little hands is the finalized version of issue 18.  Now all I have to do is have a quick look through the issue to make sure all the corrections have been made and then send the finalized PDF off to Jack, our new website co-ordinator, and he’ll do his magic by updating the main and current issue pages on the Whotopia site, and it’ll be “voila” issue 18 will be available on line for our readers to download, read and enjoy.

I realize this issue has been a long time in coming, but all of us here at Whotopia were quite surprised and overtaken with the sheer amount of material for this issue we recieved and had to go through from editing to layout to getting it all together into one cohesive package.  But I’m pretty sure the wait will have been worth it for our readers as I really think this is one of best, if not our best issue published to date.

So keep tuned to the website and blog over the 5-10 days as issue 18 should be online.


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