TDWP Season 37 Confirmed

Exciting news – it’s just been revealed that the official launch for THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT’s SEASON 37 will be Saturday, April 17th beginning with the premiere story “The Wanderer” by Lynn Clark. This will then be followed by 7 new stories over the next 7 weeks and following on from the season finale, as per past seasons, will see the release of the Season 37 Author Bios & Interviews. July 3rd will then see the release of the 2010 Summer Special, “Pendragon” by long-time TDWP contributor, Duncan Johnson.

The complete Season 37 release schedule will be:

  • April 17 – The Wanderer by Lynn Clark
  • April 24 – Noise by Andrew McCoy
  • May 1 – Keepsakes by Simon Birks
  • May 8 – The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Charles Heathcote & Jodie van de Wetering
  • May 15 – The Plastic People by Misha Lauenstein
  • May 22 – Temporal Rendition by Jez Strickley
  • May 29 – City of the Dragon by Dan Tessier
  • Jun 5 – Where Best Friends Are Made by Arnold T. Blumberg
  • Jun 12 – Artist Bios & Interviews by Bob Furnell
  • Jul 3 – Pendragon by Duncan Johnson

Throughout the season there will be a force or entity that is trying to assert its power and influence. The Doctor will continually feel like his life is not his own. Something, or someone, is trying to control him. Trying to influence him and guide his destiny. Something is trying to take control of the universe and make it its own. The Great Intelligence is at work again. Each story the Doctor will battle its influence either directly or indirectly. But each time he does, his life seems to be slipping away from him. Each battle tires him out more and more and he begins to age. By the end of the season the Great Intelligence will be at full power and will make its last great stab at taking over the entire universe. Despite the Doctor being tired and worn out he summonds the strength and courage to defeat the Great Intelligence one last time.

The Doctor will be joined by two new companions this season in the form of Val Rossi and Tom Brooker who will travel alongside of the ninth Doctor.

Throughout the season, as well as before and after, readers are encouraged to join the TDWP FORUM at to participate in discussions, polls, share opinions and more on the stories and overall season. Membership is free to join, so drop on by and sign up today.






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