It’s the end of an era.  What can one say about such an auspicious moment other than say I was rather disappointed with David Tennant’s farewell story The End of Time.  I had no preconceived ideas about the final two-part story and really felt I went into watching it with an open mind combined with an air of excitement as to what might be in store.  I had hoped for something spectacular and thought we’d see the tenth Doctor bow out in really special story.  But what we ended up getting was a load of codswollop penned by an over-rated third-rate hack.  I’m sorry to say this, but I was really, really disappointed. 

I sat down with my partner to watch the first part this past Saturday and after 60 minutes we both turned to each other and shook our heads.  “What a pile of crap that was”, I said to my friend, who quickly counter this with “I had no idea what all of that was about”.  And, that’s exactly how I felt too.  Part one, in my opinion, has got to go down as one of the worst, if not the worst episode of Doctor Who in its entire history.  It was the biggest piece of shit to hit the proverbial fan in a long time.  There was absolutely no plot to the story; it was poorly written; confusing; dull,  and just plain bad.  If I couldn’t stomach this piece of crap trying to masquerade as a television story, then what in the world did Joe Public think of it.  I’m sure they were even more confused and disappointed than I was.  It was so bad that when I asked my friend if he wanted to watch part two, he declined saying “after that, he’d lost all interest in watching any more”.  But being the ever devoted Who  fan that I am, I was willing to give a chance to part two.  Thank god things did pick up.

Part two was roads ahead of part one.  At least here we had somewhat of a more coherent script and story, while most of it made for some reasonably good television.  On the whole I liked this episode but I was disappointed with the final 10-20 minutes of the story.  So much had been built up towards the reveal of “he will knock four times” and when it came to the big reveal of who would be the one to knock four times and it turns out to be Wilfred banging on the glass door wanting to get out.  Bloody Wilfred!  Not Davros, not a Time Lord, not some new and astronomically powerful enemy, but Wilfred “bloody” Mott.  Please!  This was such an RTD moment – a big build up that turns out to be a big nothing. 

Plus talk about the actual regeneration.  Now that was a major disappointment too.  The most unspectacular or heroic regeneration of all time.  The Doctor doesn’t die trying to save the universe, or at the hands of the Master, but because he opened the door to the radiation chamber to let Wilfred out and he gets infected by the radiation.  And then in something that speaks so Russell T. Davies, we get a long-winded drawn out 15 minute death where the Doctor travels all around the universe saying goodbye to all his best friends.  Overlong and unemotional.  I thought the ending was supposed to have us in tears?  Not me and I’m the biggest mush on the planet.

Sadly overall, I was really disappointed with The End of Time.   I had hoped for something really special but instead got something lame.  I feel cheated.  6 out of 10.


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