New Look Whotopia Coming Soon

We’ve been keeping quiet about this for the past few weeks now, sorting out the final details and everything, but the time has come to when we can finally reveal that beginning with issue 18, Whotopia will have a brand new layout and design courtesy of our new staff member Will Brooks.

Why the change you ask? Well, we figured after having the same basic look for the past 17 issues, it was time for a change. We had been looking to make a change for some time now but up until now we hadn’t found the right person to take over the layout and design duties. But Whotopia was lucky when Will came to our attention. It was his design for a recent issue of another fan publication that brought him to our attention and we sought Will out as our new designer. Luckily Will agreed to work with us and all of us here at Whotopia HQ are thrilled to have him on board.

All of us here at Whotopia are pretty excited by this and we can’t wait for our readers to see the all new look magazine. Will promises to deliver a fresh, bold, new exciting look for the magazine and we can’t wait to see what the final issue looks like. We hope our readers will like the new look as it’ll be taking us into a new realm and direction.

We can’t wait!


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