Update on Issue 18

Just a quick update on issue 18, which will be our UNIT themed issue. We’ve got 95% of the material in for this special issue, with roughly 75% of said received material edited and ready for being laid out. There are a few minor articles left to complete along with one major one from Whotopia’s Senior Editor Bob Furnell to be turned in and once we have those in, that’ll be it for material. That’ll leave what editing has to be done and then the layout which should take a few weeks. We’re hoping to have the issue ready and online before Christmas, but stay tuned to the Whotopia site and this very blog for updated information.

As previously mentioned above, this will be our UNIT themed issue which features an exclusive in-depth interview with John Levene everyone’s favorite Sergeant Benton; tributes to UNIT era producer Barry Letts; an article which delves into why Earth is always being invaded by various alien races; a history of UNIT from its inception to present day activities; an updated look at the controversy around dating the UNIT stories; reviews of all the Doctor Who stories to feature UNIT and much much more.

Overall it looks to be a great issue.


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