Reviewers Wanted for Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3

dw-sja-xover-largeWhotopia is looking for fan writers who’d be interested in reviewering the Season 3 episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures which started October 15th on CBBC. Stories up for review include:

  • Prisoner of the Judoon 1/2
  • The Mad Woman In The Attic 1/2
  • The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith 1/2 (features the 10th Doctor)
  • The Eternity Trap 1/2
  • Mona Lisa’s Revenger 1/2
  • The Gift 1/2

We’d like reviewers to review part one and two of each story – we’ll need 6 reviewers in total – and each review should be no more than 750-800 words for each part. If you’d like to review one of this years SJA stories, please let us know by emailing Bob or Jez directly at whotopia[at] Thanks.

UPDATE NOV 3/09: Please note that we now have now filled all the review spots.  Thanks to all of you who responded to our plea.


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