Issue 17 Now Available

After a bit of a delay, the latest issue of Whotopia is finally available online to download.  Issue 17 contains 44 pages of columns, features, interviews, and more all dedicated to the topic of the Doctor’s companions over the past 46 years.

The cover for issue 17 as created by Will Brooks

The cover for issue 17 as created by Will Brooks


Companion Celebration
An introduction to the theme for issue 17

The First Companions
Grant Bull takes a look back at the original TARDIS team.

The Old School Top 10
Michael Collins returns and counts down the TOP 10 Companions from the classic series.

Why Rose Tyler?
Joseph Avery-Smith asks what’s so special about Rose Tyler?

Donna’s Story
A look at life and times of Donna Noble.

Dalek’s Advocate: The Case For Adric
Was Adric really that much of a swot? Margaret Brown doesn’t think so and explains why.

The James Moran Interview: Part II
Part two of our exclusive interview with writer James Moran.

Whotopia Readers Speak: Results & Analysis to our Top 10 Favorite Companions of All Time
Bob Furnell discuss the results to our recent companion poll.

Target Trawl
This time around Nick put the spotlight on “Terror of The Autons” and “The Green Death”.

Info Stamp: The Classic Companions
Everything the new series fan needs to know about the classic series companions.

Tales In Time: An Interview With Malcolm Orr
Jez Strickley sits down with The Doctor Who site’s Time Tales creator Malcom Orr.

Izzy Sinclair: Assistant Extraordinaire
Who exactly is Izzy Sinclair? Nick Mellish discovers all the details.

Screwdrivers, Scaries and Scarves
This issue Jez takes a look at K-9, the Doctor’s favorite robotic dog.

The Memory Of Darkness – Part II
The story continues in part two of this original story



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