A Focus on Fan Fiction

If there’s one thing about Doctor Who fandom that really catches my eye it’s the sheer variety of high-quality fan fiction that’s currently available. In fact, I’m so impressed by this phenomenon that I tend to take every opportunity I can to write about it. 

The decade-old The Doctor Who Project (www.thedoctorwhoproject.com) is probably one of the best known collections currently doing the rounds on the fan circuit. Helmed by Whotopia’s Senior Editor, Bob Furnell, this series lays claim to an all-new timeline of Who events, stemming from the end of season twenty-six of the television series. Two regenerations and a cartload of companions later and The Doctor Who Project’s Ninth Doctor has just completed his second full season of exciting adventures. Available to download for free, I highly recommend checking out this series. 

Of course it’s not all text-based stories. For starters, I can’t say enough good things about Whotopia’s splendid comic strip Blossom Core by Kyle Borcz and Jon Wesley Huff (check out the opening instalment in the free-to-download Whotopia Issue 5 at: http://www.whotopia.ca/downloads.php). As for Malcolm Orr’s brilliant diorama series Time Tales (www.drwho-online.co.uk/timetales) words almost escape me. Orr conjures up a magical mixture of words and model-based images, which are an absolute visual treat. More of Orr’s sterling efforts can be found at his site, Tales from the TARDIS (wwwtalesfromthetardis.co.uk).                                     

All of which is to say nothing of the simply awesome puppet-based Genesis of the Moleks by Jay Tyson and the team at 99 Acre Woods (www.requiemoftheoutcast.com/99acrewoods/2008/10/13/genesis-of-the-moleks). Combining top-notch CGI with some first-rate puppetry – and a very cool re-working of the Doctor Who theme music to boot – and you have one of the most innovative slices of fan fiction around. 

Moreover, let’s not forget that fanzines like Whotopia and DWAS’ Celestial Toyroom are always on the look out for new pieces of fan fiction. So, if you’re thinking about putting pen to paper why not take the plunge and give it a go. With no production budget to worry about, actors’ egos to massage or Michael Grade-inspired hiatuses to sidestep, only your imagination’s the limit!


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