BBC Confirms No Who Filming In Vancouver

Sad news Who fans.

On Wednesday, rumours swirled around the Twitterverse that Doctor Who could be coming to film in Vancouver in October. Unfortunately, as it turns out, it’s all a bit of horsepuckies.

This morning, the BBC confirmed that the hit TV series will NOT be materializing here. In an email statement, Ceri Mears, BBC Drama Publicist, said, “With regards to Doctor Who filming in Western Canada, I can confirm that this is not true.” 


The rumours began after apparent insiders on set tweeted that the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi himself, had told them they would be filming in Vancouver in October.

Filming for Season 10 is already underway in Wales, where Capaldi and his co-star companion Pearl Mackie have been entertaining locals – in and out of the TARDIS.

U of Iowa’s Doctor Who Fanzine Collection

The University of Iowa continues to add hundreds of science fiction fanzines to its collection.  This large collection of some 10,000-plus science fiction fanzines is an important accumulation of fan-created work and a significant addition to the fanzine holdings of the University Libraries. The Fanzine Archive Collection contains thousands of fanzines focused on popular media properties such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Star Wars and others.  Since the 1960s, when such television series programs as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Star Trek cultivated large followings, fans have produced their own publications which develop stories involving their favorite characters. These fanzines provide a unique perspective on participatory culture. Rather than passively consuming media, fans actively interacted with it and developed complex spin-off works that were distributed at conventions and through the mail, says Greg Prickman, assistant head of Special Collections at UI Libraries. “In many ways, fan culture pre-dates and anticipates our modern remix mash-up Internet culture,” said Prickman. “And there is a great deal of scholarly interest in this type of activity today.”  The above video from 2013 takes a look at some of the collections Doctor Who fanzines in their possession.

Issue 30 Deadline Reminder

Don’t forget the deadline to contribute to the next issue of Whotopia – Issue 30 – is August 30th.

The theme for this issue is: Export Gallifrey – a focus on the known products of Time Lord society (both individuals, technologies and ideas).

As usual we’re looking for all sorts of material from articles, reviews, opinion pieces, fact based material, artwork, and more.

Submissions to the usual address.

Doctor Who to Film in Vancouver?

There’s a rumor floating around fandom that Doctor Who will be filming in Vancouver Canada this October.  No details are available at the time of writing, but if this is true, it’s the first time the show has filmed here since the 1996 TV Movie starring Paul McGann.  As soon as we have any concrete information on this, we’ll post it here.

Are You A Fan of Fanfic?

Are you a fan of fan fiction?  In particular, Doctor Who fanfic?  If so, you might want to check out this interesting article, “The Fan Fiction Phenomenom” written Jez Strickley. While the business of writing fan fiction is hardly a new development, it being the stock trade of many a science fiction fan with pen and paper – and time – in hand. In so far as Doctor Who fandom is concerned, this creative enterprise can become something of a grand affair, verging, in some cases, on the virtually impregnable world of professional writing.

The article covers various fan fiction projects including sites like “Teaspoon” and “The Doctor Who Project”.  It’s a insightful article we thought we’d bring to your attention, and one you might like to read.

To read the full article, just click here.

Blast from the Past

Here’s a little something we thought we’d share with our readers.  A blast from our past.  The cover to the very first issue of Whotopia from October 2003.

1 (2)

The cover was designed by John Swogger and the issue featured articles on the Cybermen, a review of Logopolis, an interview with Patricia Merrick amongst other articles, reviews and news.  This October marks the magazine’s 13th anniversary with publication of it’s 32nd issue.

Could Torchwood Return To TV?

Fear the tenacity of John Barrowman. The former Doctor Who and current Arrow star has already managed to resurrect Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood as a series of audio dramas and comic books, but now he’d clearly decided that isn’t enough – because he’s trying to get it back on TV too.

“I have a phone conversation on Monday to see how we can get it back on television,” Barrowman told the official San Diego Comic-con stream this weekend, adding that he thought they had a decent chance of making it happen.

“The fans know me well enough – I’m only going to say it if I mean it and believe it,” he said.

However, Barrowman did stress that if fans did want to see more Torchwood (last seen in 2011 miniseries Miracle Day) then they would have to show their support by buying the official tie-in comic he and his sister Carole have made, comparing it to a Kickstarter campaign that would help see the series stand alongside new spin-off Class at some point in the future.

“If you really believe in Torchwood, get the comic,” he said.

“Get this series going, it’s like a Kickstarter. If you buy the comic, you’ll show your support … we need Captain Jack back on the screens.”

Watch out then, Class – you may not be the only Doctor Who spin-off for much longer. If John Barrowman has anything to say about it, anyway…