To whet your appetite for the upcoming next issue of Whotopia, we thought we’d share the cover for Issue 32…



The BBC has provided us with sneak peak at the recently announced new Target novelisations of episodes from the revived post-2005 series of Doctor Who.

Both former showrunners, Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat, will be writing novelisations of their own episodes to be published by BBC Books, under the Target imprint, on the 5th April 2018.

The series will also see the first Target novelization of a Douglas Adams story.

Below are the covers for The Day of the Doctor and Rose.



The BBC today revealed the new series logo design for the forthcoming Series 11 of Doctor Who.  Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think (drop a quick email or comment here on this post).

The Beeb also confirmed that the new season would air in October on BBC-1.


Okay Whotopia readers. We have a little task for you.

2018 marks the zine’s 15th Anniversary.

You are tasked with naming 5 of your most favorite articles from all 33 issues from the past 15 years (2003-2018). This includes all 31 regular issues and the two seasonal specials released.

Jot down your choices in an email and then send them to us at

Make sure you put “My 5 Fave Whotopia Articles” in the subject line.


Issue 32 Update

Thank you to all of you who submitted material to issue 32.  Your continued support is always appreciated.  As a quick update, Jez has begun the editing of submitted material, while I finish off a promised piece.  If all goes well and to plan over the next couple of weeks, the new issue could be out sometime in March.

Back Issues No Longer Available

We’ve had several people contact us recently asking about back issues of Whotopia and which issues are, and aren’t, available. Just to remind everyone, Issues 1-28 plus the 2008 Spring Special and the 2013 Summer Special are all out of print and no longer available to download.

However, Issues 29 to present are still available to download.

We don’t have any plans to make those out of print issues available.