Series 8 Episode Titles

Doctor Who Series 8The titles for all 12 episodes of Series 8 have now been revealed.  They are:

  • Episode One: Deep Breath Written By Steven Moffat
  • Episode Two: Into The Dalek Written By Phil Ford And Steven Moffat
  • Episode Three: Robot Of Sherwood Written By Mark Gatiss
  • Episode Four: Listen Written By Steven Moffat
  • Episode Five: Time Heist Written By Stephen Thompson And Steven Moffat
  • Episode Six: The Caretaker Written By Gareth Roberts And Steven Moffat
  • Episode Seven: Kill The Moon Written By Peter Harness
  • Episode Eight: Mummy On The Orient Express Written By Jamie Mathieson
  • Episode Nine: Flatline Written By Jamie Mathieson
  • Episode Ten: In The Forest Of The Night Written By Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • Episode Eleven: Dark Water Written By Steven Moffat
  • Episode Twelve: Death In Heaven Written By Steven Moffat

The series debuts August 23 and providing there’ll be no breaks in the broadcasting the season should run until December 8th.

Canadian Fans Insulted By BBC Snub

image (1)

Canadian fans have been insulted by the recent snub by the BBC and the organizers of the Doctor Who World Tour.

I must admit that as a long time Doctor Who fan this editor is a tad bit P.O.’ed with the BBC that they insulted every single Doctor Who fan in Canada, where the show first aired in 1965, by not bringing the Doctor Who World Tour to one, not (!) one, Canadian city. I guess we Canadians don’t count for anything.  Typical!

Episode 2 Title Revealed


The BBC have revealed the name of the second episode of the upcoming series of Doctor Who with be titled Into the Dalek.

The episode is written by Phil Ford who wrote many episodes of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.It is directed by Ben Wheatley who also directs the series opener Deep Breath.

A promo blurb for the episode is included with the programme scheduled for transmission in the UK on Saturday 30th August, at a time to be confirmed.

Doctor Who World Tour Sydney

The Doctor Who World Tour continues and recently made a stop in Sydney Australia where Peter Capaldi received a standing ovation.  Joining him on the tour is Jenna Coleman who plays Clara and show runner Stephen Moffat.

The tour marks the largest ever promotional undertaking in Doctor Who’s 50-year history. It kicked off in Cardiff, Wales on 7th August, followed by London (UK) and Seoul (South Korea). After Sydney, Doctor Who: The World Tour will continue in New York (US), Mexico City (Mexico) and will finish in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on 19th August.British Airways has been the event sponsor for the Sydney and Seoul stops on the tour.


New Season Draws Closer

Hey there all you Who fans.  Are you starting to get excited?  The premiere of the eighth season is getting closer every day.  All of us around Whotopia HQ are looking forward to the new season especially as we have the debut of the brand new Twelfth Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi.  Joining Peter will be Jenna Coleman as Clara.

And to help celebrate the forthcoming season, we thought we’d share with you one of the latest promotional trailers for the forthcoming season…