Vancouver Doctor Who Convention Meeting

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Attention fellow Canadian Doctor Who fans.

Would you like to see a full-scale Doctor Who convention with guest(s) take place in the Vancouver British Columbia area?

Would you be interested in working as part of the organizational committee, or as a convention volunteer, or would like to learn more about the planned event?

If so, then take note.

There hasn’t been a Doctor Who convention in Vancouver since Who Party West III in 1990. A few individuals who were responsible for this convention, and ran former Vancouver based Doctor Who fan groups Telefantasy Appreciation Society of Canada and the Time Meddlers of Vancouver have regrouped and are hoping to hold a 2 or 3 day convention for sometime in late 2015. But in order for the event to happen, it won’t happen without the support of the local Doctor Who fan community.

To this end we will be holding an initial informational meeting on November 1, 2014. The meeting is open to all local area Doctor Who fans young and old. We welcome and value your input and the more people who turn out to show their support the better. We’re sure you’d like to make this event become a reality as much as we would.

The meeting will be held…

Saturday November 1 2014
12:00 noon – 3:00 pm
Denman Room
West End Community Center
870 Denman Street
Vancouver BC
V6G 2L8

Parking is available underground and the community center is on the #5 Robson bus route.

If you want to see a Doctor Who convention in Vancouver, we hope we’ll see you at the event.

Further information can be found on this website by clicking on the following link

Next Time on Doctor Who

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